After scrutinizing scholarly articles through online databases, reviewing news stories on the referendum, conducting in-person interview with the referendum proposer, and employing online surveys to collect public opinion towards the algae reef issue, we reached the following conclusion: 

The algae reef ecosystem in Datan possesses not only rich biodiversity but also crucial research value. Mr. Pan mentioned that “as you will discover, the ‘democratic’ country is ridiculous. The government shouldn’t be biased but lead our people to a sustainable future through continuous collaboration and discussions. ” We people recognize  Taiwan as a highly free and democratic country, but behind this, we have also witnessed how our government manipulated the news media and spread unreliable information in the search for more economic benefits. After all, the referendum had lost its original purpose and was exploited for the competition between the political parties. 

The referendum of algae reefs will be highly concerning in Taiwan. The needs of land were seen, and kept track of the issue. Although Mr. Pan doesn’t win the referendum. Despite the internal decision-making authority or those who are ambitious about participation. They have to keep striving and moving forward, if someone doesn’t stand on the side with you, you have to work hard to prove them wrong.